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  • Nursing Essentials™ provides instant access to critical information nurses need. This guide is particularly popular among nursing students and is a top-selling medical app. The print edition is titled RN Pocket Guide ™.
  • The TripAdvisor App also provides reviews of restaurants and other travel related businesses like hotels. Members are able to upload images and videos as well. It also has a “Discover near me” feature.

    TripAdvisor also allows you to compare airfares, shop for hotels, and make restaurant reservations. It also has a forum feature where you can pose questions for the community. You can also download maps, reviews and other items you have saved so that you can access the data offline. This feature is available for over 300 cities worldwide.
  • Forbes and BuzzFeed have likened Trover to a cross between Instagram and Trip Advisor. Users take photos of the places they’ve been and provide descriptions. The photos can be geo-tagged so you can search for locations and discover things to do. You can meet up with fellow travelers. You can create “visual bucket lists” that can serve as itineraries for your future adventures. You can also browse a news feed of stuff near you.
  • Kayak is essentially a travel search engine for flights, hotels, and cars. You can comparison shop various different platforms and book your choices straight from the app. It also has a nice flight-tracker and itinerary-management tool.

    The app syncs with TripAdvisor so you can see reviews and other details about potential selections. The app also has an Explore feature to help you find fun things to do in the area.
  • Another document scanning app, GeniusScan comes with some settings that allow you to conveniently select the ideal page dimension to get the best scans. You can scan to PDF, email documents, and arrange documents with a tagging feature. The premium version is only $2.99 and will let you sync to your cloud storage system.
  • ShiftLife is a calendar application designed for shift workers, like nurses. You can organize your shifts, record your hours and even calculate your pay. It will sync with many other calendars if you prefer to have everything in one location.

    This app is available only for iPhone, but there are similar apps for Android users with Shift Calendar and myShiftWork being the most popular.
  • Medscape might be the most robust app of its kind. The Drug Reference Tool lets you quickly look up medications and dosages. The Drug Interaction Tool lets you search for adverse drug combinations. The Disease and Condition Reference lets you find vital patient-care information. It’s got Medication Calculators, Image Collections and more.

    Moreover, it’s got a robust medical news service so you can stay up to date with the latest on your field. It also lets you earn CME! It’s all free.

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