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Stay organized

Many nurses are looking to get a job quickly and are ready to start making money. The turn around time can decrease just by simply staying organized. When applying for a contract when you initially start with AllCare Medical Services, we need all of your paperwork as well as our own testing completed. Successful travel nurses keep up to date on their immunizations, certifications, licensing deadlines, and employment history.

Contact A Recruiter

First thing is first, introduce yourself with one of our recruiters to get accompanied with AllCare Medical Services. The best way for us to help you is for you to help us get to know what your interested in pursuing. We want to know what areas you have experience in and where you specialize in. A recruiter can give you the application and paperwork to get started. Ultimately, they are there to answer any questions you might have and to make sure their career direction is something you would be interested in.

Show Us What you Got

Now is your time to brag about all of your accomplishments in your nursing career. We will need copies of all of your certifications, contact information, licenses, immunizations, and drug screening, and experience records you have. Our recruiters will contact you and let you know any additional information we need. This is where being organized as a travel nurse is key. The faster we receive your paperwork, the quicker we can get you into our system. Most experienced travel nurses keep all their paperwork ready to go on their computer to ensure a quick onboarding process.

Let the Job Search Begin

We will help you make an account on our website to give you access to all of our current job openings. We get new updated orders daily and will look for ones that will best match you. Our recruiters will use your credentials to find a contract that fits your scope of practice and will contact the hospital for you.


Once a hospital accepts our information we send out, they will contact you for an interview. You can interview with multiple hospitals and see which best suites you. This is the final step before a contract is drawn up and we can get you started. Having letters of recommendation is a great way to show your past success.

Welcome to AllCare Medical Services!

After contracts are signed, you are officially a Travel Nurse with AllCare Medical Services! Our onboarding department will send you a packet and newsletter filled with information to help you! We will search for your housing prices, attractions in the area, events, things to do, local restaurants and grocery stores, and much much more! Just because you are settled in, don't lose contact! We want to hear how you're doing and answer questions for you. At the end of your contract we will take care of applying for your extension!

Contact a recruiter today to make the first step!!