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We're here for you!

AllCare Medical Services takes the time to understand what the industry is offering for nurses so we can to bring our best to you. Whether it’s a new employee or seasoned traveler, we keep everything at the highest standard for our staff.

Permanent Lifeline

All throughout your career, AllCare Medical Services is there to listen and help in any way to make your life a little easier. We have extended call hours with staff ready to answer your questions or guide you toward a solution. Recruiters and internal staff often can customize contracts to better suit your convenience. Don't just call if you’re having a problem, we grow from feedback and encourage our nurses to keep in touch during their contract duration.


Being in the medical field, we understand things happen. No need to stress when it comes to the topic of disability. AllCare Medical Services offers short and long term disability plans. We provide the assurance you need to feel comfortable in any situation that could occur. Restrictions apply.


Everyone is an individual and we know your needs may be different from another travelers'. Our medical plans conform to your areas of importance based on your life. We offer plans from basic to full coverage and plans to cover your entire family. Your health package can include dental, medical, and vision.


There can be many perks to traveling such as a new area to explore, new people to meet, unique experiences, but with AllCare Medical Services there's an extra bonus. Some Travel contracts can come with up to a $500 bonus just for being willing to travel!

Road to bigger and better

AllCare Medical Services understands that relocating may not be feasible. Don't worry, we found a solution that benefits you! If your contract is 50+ miles away from your current residence, you could qualify for paid mileage! Who wouldn't want to get paid extra for your morning commute? We appreciate our nurses and try to help make things more comfortable for them.

Home Sweet Home

Our Travel Nurses control where they call home during their contracts! Our housing bonus with some of our contracts allows you the luxury to pick where you live. If you would like to stay in a hotel every night, you have the freedom to do so. Also, our concierge service will send you updates on the most cost effective prices we've come across for housing to help give you a variety of choices!

Life Insurance

Some of our nurses choose not to include a healthcare plan for their contract; however, no nurse is left behind. AllCare Medical Services gives all travel nurses a $15,000 life insurance plan when you take a contract with us. This helps provide you security at no additional cost to you.

We care for your future

Although travel nurses sometimes jump from location to location, your retirement remains comfortably untouched. Our retirement plans are for you to better prepare for your future. AllCare Medical Services matches all of our retirement plans up to 3%! Even if your time ends with us, your retirement plan goes with you. Let us help make your life a little easier.


The end of a contract is always a stressful time for travel nurses, but with AllCare Medical Services; we carry the stress for you. Near the end of your contract we have our staff reach out and apply for an extension to your contract per your approval. Almost all of our nurses receive an extension immediately. Even though we do the work, you get the benefits! Extension bonuses are given to our nurses just for staying with us. We will take care of everything!

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